Intirio itself is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and with our materials we satisfy all popular standards in the field of insulating material technology in the segments of fire protection, Sound protection and heat/cold protection:

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Fire protection

EN 45545-2
DIN 5510
DIN 13501
NFPA 130
NF P 92 501
NF F 16 101
UNI 11170

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Sound protection

DIN 20354
DIN 10534
DIN 52215
DIN 6721
ISO 354 ...

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Heat/cold pretection

DIN 52612
EN 12667
ISO 2581I
SO 8497
DIN 4108 ...

Interieur Components

During the course of drawing up our offer and of the engineering, we check all your individual specifications and the prescribed standards (UIC…) in order to ensure that these are taken into account in the product; if required, we satisfy production according to the standards EN 15085 (welding) and DIN 6701 (bonding) in all work disciplines. We thereby guarantee that all our products correspond to the applicable standards for components of the railway industry:

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EN 45545
DIN 5510
NF F16-101
UNI 11170-3
BS 6853